UW5 Competitions

Whether it is the challenge of climbing the Ladder, or the thrill of the Cup - UW5 has it all!


The top 4 teams at the end of Week 6 (Term 2) will qualify for the Champions League. The next 4 teams will qualify for the Plate competition.

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Highest Scoring Matches

Challenger   Challenged
Coventry University Netball Team (2)   WRSS FC 1 (1)
16:00, 26/10/18, New 5-a-Side Pitches B
Hunsoc (3)   Free Agents 1 (2)
11:00, 24/10/18, New 5-a-Side Pitches A
Taurus FC (15)   Mia Burj Khalifa FC (12)
17:00, 26/10/18, New 5-a-Side Pitches E
Cryfield Palace (13)   Tamil Society 1 (9)
16:00, 22/10/18, New 5-a-Side Pitches A
Sound of Napolice (12)   MBA United (8)
11:00, 24/10/18, New 5-a-Side Pitches B
Haven't Got a Kalou (7)   Cous Cous McCann (4)
17:00, 26/10/18, New 5-a-Side Pitches A
Crystal Phallus FC (7)   Expected Toulouse (4)
14:00, 26/10/18, New 5-a-Side Pitches D
Game of Thrones Soc (9)   Mo Mane Mo Problems (6)
16:00, 26/10/18, New 5-a-Side Pitches A
Phantom 12 (11)   Warwick Wanderers (10)
12:00, 26/10/18, New 5-a-Side Pitches B
Five Quids (15)   Rub-a-Dub (11)
13:00, 26/10/18, New 5-a-Side Pitches A

Teams who have Forfeited the most Ladder Challenges


This is an area dedicated to naming and shaming the laziest teams on campus! (i.e. a gentle, light hearted incentive for you to turn up to games!)

Although we are not currently enforcing it, in previous years there has been a rule that if you forfeit three times in a row, then you get penalised.


No teams to display

If one game a week is not enough five-a-side for your team or for whatever reason you would like a competitive game, then you could try to arrange a friendly. A list of teams who wish to be contacted for friendly matches can be found on the Friendly Matches page. If you wish to be included in this list, please edit your team profile to reflect this.

To arrange a friendly match, view a team's profile and find a player that has their contact details available. Contact them and arrange the match directly.

A list of the weeks available pitch slots can be found here