About UW5

Read on to find out exactly why UW5 is the most popular sports club at Warwick!

Five-a-side is now the most popular form of participation football in England. The nationwide rise of the small-sided format is reflected here at Warwick where five-a-side is booming.

The five-a-side football club is one of the University of Warwick's largest sports clubs. The club runs four ladder leagues during the year, with 20 teams per ladder and on average, 7 members per team. The club provides a platform for students to utilise the university's professional level sports facilities which contrast with the vast majority of city based campuses where students are forced to pay significant fees to join external leagues.

Within UW5, all players can participate in matches on a weekly basis. Teams are also given the opportunity to qualify for either the Champions League, Plate or Ladder competition dependent on their final position at the end of the Easter term. The club also organises a cup competition and tournaments.

One of the reasons for the five-a-side club's enduring success is that players of all abilities can, and are encouraged to, get involved. There is a wide variety in the standard of teams participating. The ladder format of the leagues caters for all levels so that while the Cristiano Ronaldo wannabes compete together, the Titus Brambles do battle as well.

Additional opportunities provided for club members include futsal sessions and a futsal tournament, as well as the chance for the creme de la creme of Warwick five-a-side to compete against teams from other universities in BUCS on the national stage!

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Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
All times are inclusive (i.e. if 11-2 that means we have slots from 11-12, 12-1, 1-2)


  • New 5-a-Side Pitches (2 pitches) 15:00-17:00

  • Tuesday

  • New 5-a-Side Pitches (4 pitches) 15:00-16:00

  • Wednesday

  • New 5-a-Side Pitches (2 pitches) 10:00-12:00
  • New 5-a-Side Pitches (3 pitches) 16:00-18:00

  • Thursday

  • New 5-a-Side Pitches (2 pitches) 10:00-13:00

  • Friday

  • New 5-a-Side Pitches (2 pitches) 11:00-13:00
  • New 5-a-Side Pitches (5 pitches) 13:00-18:00

  • Saturday

  • New 5-a-Side Pitches (3 pitches) 14:00-19:00

  • If you wish to change the time/date of your fixture check to see if the slot is available here
  • If you wish to play at an alternative time to those above, please contact Warwick Sport to check availability.
  • President


    Vice President

    Treasurer and Disputes Co-Ordinator

    Champions League Winners

    2019 Eder 4Ever

    2018 Crawford's Chemical Brothers

    2017 Procrastinators Union

    2015 Fatzio

    2014 Law Society

    2013 Shaktar Lastnight

    2012 WBS

    2011 A Little Bit Naked

    2010 Raining Champions

    2009 The Sri Lankan Table Tennis Society Rejects

    Oliver Wyman Cup Winners

    2019 Warwick Russian Speaking Society FC

    2018 Procrastinators Union

    2017 Procrastinators Union

    2015 Fatzio

    2012 MT Dons

    2011 A Little Bit Naked

    2010 Hoon FC

    2009 Squad Rejects TANZANIA

    Plate Winners

    2019 Let's AV it

    2018 JM'll Fixit

    2017 To Be Confirmed

    2015 Top Totti

    2014 Fatzio

    2012 Unreal Madrid

    2011 Unreal Madrid

    2010 Hoon FC

    2009 Warwick ACS

    Ladder Winners

    2019 Taurus FC

    2018 Ben Arfack

    2017 Indian Soc

    2015 Dyslexics Untied

    2014 All African Stars

    2013 Hampton Head Hunters

    2012 BioSoc FC

    2011 Absolutely Lionel

    2010 Green Arrrm

    2009 AVFC